Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Thursday, January 22: Introduction
The date for each class is a link to additional info and requirements. Asterisks refer to readings available at bookstore. All other readings can be found through OCRA or Canvas.
Tuesday, January 27:
Ghosts, Crime, and Mime
• Ibsen, Ghosts *
• Strindberg, The Ghost Sonata*
Yeats, At the Hawk's Well
• Highly recommended: watch the movie Les Enfants du Paradis (streaming OCRA)
Thursday, January 29:  Birth of Naturalism
• Edward Braun, The Director and the Stage, selections*
• Zola, "Naturalism in the Theatre" selections
• Antoine, André. Excerpt from "The Free Theatre" 
• Strindberg,  Miss Julie* 
Strindberg,  excerpt from the “Preface” to Miss Julie 
•  Review of Miss Julie at Antoine’s theatre in Paris, NY Times.

Tuesday, February 3: New Acting

• Edward Braun, The Director and the Stage, selections*
• Chekhov, The Seagull*
• Chekhov,  Letters to Maria Kiseleva and Alexei Suvorin
• Stanislavsky, Constantin. An Actor Prepares, selection
• Briusov, Valery, “Against Naturalism in the Theater”

Thursday, February 5: The Symbolist Theatre and Its Stagings
• Braun, Director and the Stage, “The Symbolist Theatre”*
• Paul Margueritte, Pierrot: Assassin of His Wife
• Maurice Maeterlinck,  Interior*
• Maeterlinck, "The Tragical in Daily Life"
•Wagner, Richard, "The Art-Work of the Future," excerpt
• Richard Beacham, “Prologue” from Adolphe Appia
• Adolph Appia, Music and the Art of Theatre,  excerpts

Tuesday, February 10:  Dance, Puppets, Sound
• Loïe Fuller, "Light and Dance" excerpt
• Isadora Duncan,  "Depth"
• Braun, Director and the Stage, ch. 6*
• Edward Gordon Craig,  "The Actor and the Ubermarionette"
• Craig, "Rearrangements" excerpt
• Wassily Kandinski, The Yellow Sound and "On Stage Composition"
Thursday, February 12: Birth of the Avant-Garde
•Alfred Jarry, Ubu Roi *
• Braun, Director and the Stage, chapter 4*
• Jarry, selections from Selected Works of Alfred Jarry
• Jarry, “Theatre Questions” in Cardullo.*
• Roger Shattuck, The Banquet Years: Birth of the Avant-Garde, selections*
Tues., February 17: NO CLASS, Winter Weekend.
Thursday,  February 19:
Futurism and Dada
• Roselee Goldberg, “Futurism.” From Performance Art, selections
• F. T. Marinetti, "The Variety Theatre" excerpt
• Enrico Prampolini, "Futurist Scenography" excerpt
• Futurist Plays and Manifestos, in Cardullo*
• Marinetti, “Marinetti’s Short Plays.” TDR
• Hans Richter,  Dada: Art and Anti-Art, pp. 11-64.*
• Tristan Tzara, The Gas Heart  and "Dada Manifesto"in Cardullo*
****Dada group to perform*****
Tuesday, February 24 Critical Art Ensemble

 Steve Kurtz to visit class (jumping ahead in time)
• Shank, "Living Theatre" American Alternative Theatre
• Critical Art Ensemble, Digital Resistance* 
• Rebecca Schneider, "Nomadmedia"
• Marc James Leger, "Redefining our Doublethink: An Interview with Critical Art Ensemble"
• CAE website

 Thursday, February 26: Russian Constructivist Theatre

•  Braun, Director and the Stage, chapter 8 and 9*
• Vsevlod Meyerhold, selections from Meyerhold on Theatre*
• Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok, The Puppet Show
• Nick Worrall,  “Meyerhold’s Production of The Magnificent Cuckold.” TDR
• “Meyerhold's Bio-Mechanic Exercises (A Photographic Series).”
Actors rehearsing Meyerhold’s biomechanics.
*****Constructivism Group to Perform.*****
Tuesday, March 3: Piscator and Early Brecht
• Edward Braun, The Director and the Stage, chapter on Piscator*
• Piscator, Erwin,  The Political Theatre, excerpts
Edward Braun, The Director and the Stage, chapter on Brecht*
• Brecht, Bertolt, Brecht on Theatre, selections*
Thursday, March 5: Brecht’s Epic Theatre
• Brecht, Bertolt, Brecht on Theatre, selections*
• Brecht, Bertolt, Mother Courage in Caputi
Add Daphne Brooks on Afro-alienation acts
 *****Brecht group to perform*****

Tuesday, March 10: Surrealism and Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty
• Artaud, The Theatre and its Double*
Artaud, "The Spurt of Blood" in Cardullo.*
 *****Artaud group to perform*****
Thursday, March 12: The Mother of Us All
• Arnold Aronson, American Avant-Garde Theatre, selection.
• Gertrude Stein, Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights in Cardullo*
• Stein, “Plays” in Cardullo*
• Stein, The Mother of Us All
• Stein, Stein reading “If I Told Him: A Complete Portrait of Picasso.” On Ubuweb:
• Stein, “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene

****Stein group to perform****
Tuesday, March 17:  Existentialism and Theatre (Beckett)
• J. L. Styan, Modern Drama, Vol 2, pp. 124-137.
• Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot. .
• Samuel Beckett, Not I.
****Beckett Performance Group to perform****

Thursday, March 19 –  In class midterm.  HERE IS MIDTERM STUDY SHEET.
SPRING BREAK ****LOTS of reading for March 31 so read ahead ******
Tuesday, March 31: 
Meanwhile in America 

• J. L. Styan, Modern Drama, selections
• David Krasner, Resistance, Parody, and Double Consciousness, selections
• James V. Hatch, "Introduction" Lost Plays of the Harlem Renaissance
• W.E.B DuBois,., "Program Note for Krigwa Players: A Little Negro Theatre"
• Langston Hughes, "The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain"
• Eugene O’Neill, The Emperor Jones*
• Watch The Emperor Jones with Paul Robeson on OCRA
• Langston Hughes, The Em-Fuehrer Jones*
• Langston Hughes, Limitations of Life *
• Listen to Ethel Waters singing: "That Da Da Strain."
Thursday, April 2: Site-Specific Performance and Neo-Naturalism
• Arnold Aronson The History and Theory of Environmental Scenography, selections
• Jessica Abbe. “Anne Bogart's Journeys.
• Linda Montano, Art in Everyday Life, excerpts
• Yvonne Rainer, Dance and the "No Manifesto"
• Tompkins, "Theatre Heterotopia and the Site-Specific Production of Suitcase"
****site-specific group to perform****
Tuesday, April 7: Women's Ritual Theatre to (Post?)Feminist Performance

"Women Push for Equality On and Off Stage," American Theatre, 2014.
"New Tally Shows Sexism," Hyperallergic, 2015.  
Susan Glaspell's play Trifles (1916)
Marybeth Edelson: Seven Cycles; Public Rituals (6-17)
Faith Wilding, Waiting
Karen Finley, Constant State of Desire
Anna Watkins Fisher, "Like a Girl's Name" TDR.
****Feminist Performance group to perform****
Thursday, April 9: Theatre for Social Change
Augusto Boal, selections from Theatre of the Oppressed,  "Invisible Theatre"
Coco Fusco, Couple in a Cage and "The Other History of Intercultural Theatre"
Shannon Jackson, "Staged Management," Social Works, 104-143.*

****Social Change group to perform****
Tuesday, April 14:
The Wooster Group
• David Savran, Breaking the Rules, selections*
• Wooster Group, Emperor Jones, DVD,
• Gerald Rabkin, “Is there a Text on this Stage?"
• Rebecca Schneider, "Poor Poor Theatre" from Performing Remains
****Wooster Group group to perform****
Thursday, April 16:
  Suzan-Lori Parks -- Repetition and Revision
• Suzan-Lori Parks, Essays, in The America Play and Other Works.
• Parks The America Play
• Listen to interview with Parks about 365 Days Project
• Watch Young Jean Lee's The Shipment (by way of comparison with Parks)
****Parks Group to perform****

Tuesday, April 21: Tanztheater to Tino Seghal
Guest Lecture, Noemie Solomon
• Pina Bausch and Wuppertal Tanztheater
• Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
• Ralph Lemon
• Boris Charmatz
• Tino Sehgal
Thursday, April 23: Richard Maxwell, ERS
Shawn-Marie Garrett, "The Awkward Age"
• Richard Maxwell, Selection from Theater for Beginners
• Richard Maxwell, play, House

Tuesday, April 28:  Gob Squad, Nature Theatre of Oklahoma
• Nina Tecklenberg and Benjamin Carter, "Reality Enchanted, Contact Mediated: A Story of Gob Squad"
Gob Squad website
Rachel Anderson-Rabern, "The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma's Aesthetics of Fun" 
****Gob Squad Group to Perform****
Tuesday, May 4: Final Paper due.